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Breaking news from Ecuador

State of emergency has been declared in Ecuador, to fight against the endemique street deliquance, the army and police have been deployed in the streets of Quito. At every corner we see guns and uniforms...

My days have been dedicated to Spanish since 3 weeks: 4 + 2 + 2... meaning 4 hours of private lessons, 2 hours of language exchange with an Ecuadorian (one hour speaking french and one spanish) and 2 hours of homework a day. Plus I live with a family here in Quito so we have breakfast and dinner together and...we speak spanish...So if I don't end up mastering this language after that...
And the nights are dedicated to salsa... :)
So no much time for me, for blogging or drawing or painting... But it will change soon... :D


Jagan said...

Hey, your famous luck strikes Quito :)

There is no Plan B said...

I am happy you are working so hard to master Spanish. If anyone can you can. I am happy and proud of you. Keep moving forward. Much love to you my dear friend. Suz

Em said...

Wow Ly-ly.

You must be some kind of genius to be able to speak so many different kinds of languages. what is this, your fourth? i mean, i barely know two, one of which is fading due to the not being able to practice it (the french, oops, shouldn't have told you that).

But that's a bit spooky that the situation down there is like that.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lydie,

Lot of work!
But it seems that you have a lot of motivations ;-)


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