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Finally, I spent 2 weeks in San Fransisco de Cunuguachay. This small village is populated by indian families organized in communities. They have built a "tourist house" to welcome foreigners, tourist or volunteers. It brings them an additional revenue and help them to survive.
It was a perfect place to meet local people and understand a bit of indian culture. So I tried to make myself useful and went to help at the day nursery.
It was so funny to see how kids are educated...well...there is not really an education as to say... They are totally free to do anything, from eating mud, to taking a knife... Amazing! And the woman in charge just warn them very calmly: "Be careful, you'll cut yourself!"... not more... The kids are also sooo dirty, but they don't care. And anyway, over there, there is water only 2 days a week.


Em said...

Wow Ly-ly.

You're really immersing yourself in culture!


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