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Friday, 16th October

It's friday night, today my spanish school organize an outing: tour of the city by night then dancing. Great! I'm as excited as if I was going to my first prom. I'm really eager to see what a party night means in latin america.

So we first make a guided tour in the historical center of Quito. Beautiful colonial architecture, palaces, gold plated churches... Amazing! The spanish must have done a good job of pillaging of this country to build such tribute to their God...
We end our stroll through "THE" happening street of the city. Art is everywhere. People, relaxed, are sharing a 'canelazo' (warm orange juice, rhum and cinnamon...delicious).

After that, time to go dancing! The club is in a crowded and noisy street. It's cold but girls are almost naked, showing anything curvy they have.
Once inside, I understand... I understand what the word "hot" means... After 5 years in Asia it's a shock for me... :)

Actually, there is a very trendy sport here, it's "gringo hunting" or "whites fishing" if you prefer... Usually practiced by the masculin population from 17 to their fifties, any time of the day and anywhere. It is, nonetheless, best played at night on a dancing floor. Thus, as a prey, I become center of attention of 3 hunters. Their technique: a sensual and perfect salsa... danced like that before....

I love Ecuadorian parties!  :-D


There is no Plan B said...

OOOOOOHHHH baby, welcome gringa to Americas.

Anonymous said...

eh bien, eh bien, on s'encanaille a ce que je lis.....
le quotidien parait tout d'un coup bien morne....

Lydie said...

I have to experience the

Anonymous said...

Uff, se me borro un mensaje, que iras...bueno en breve te decia que quiero enviarte los dibujos que te hice, pero no se como...Asi que por favor en viame tu direccion internet para enviarte con baja resolucionpara que los puedas compartir, si tu deseas claro esta. Me escribes por favor, un abrazo, y espero que no hayas visitado todos los museos para compartir alguno de ellos contigo...Lo deseas?

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