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A smurf paragliding in San Gil

In San Gil, I decided to learn paragliding.
I did a 6 days course, the first days were very difficult... I learnt how to take off (the most difficult part because you have to lift the wing facing it, turn over, control it and run run...). For the first attempts, the wing would fall and, taken by the strong wind, would drag me on the floor like a packet for a few meters. I managed to change the color of my arms, hands and legs to blue, only bruises and scratches. A real smurf...

But from the 4th day, the reward came, I managed to fly by myself over beautiful mountains and canyons for up to 45min. Great experience I won't forget!


There is no Plan B said...

WOW you have got to be one of the bravest girls i know - Parasailng. WOW.

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