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Breaking news from Ecuador (2)

Probably another effect of global warming. It has not rain in Ecuador since one month. And we are in the rainy season. The hydroelectric dams reservoirs are dry and not enough electricity is produced for the needs of the country.
To cope with this situation, and as surprising as it seems, electricity is cut by slots of 4 hours in different provinces. In Quito, in Guayaquil, in Baños, everywhere, every day during 4 hours, no traffic light, no phone, no radio, no TV, no street light, no shop, nothing but thiefs in the dark streets...
Rich countries are polluting. Poor countries are paying.

I've been sick since 3 days. A bad flu. In bed with fever for 2 days. I never felt so bad... So I found my own remedies:

Now I feel better!... :)


Em said...

Those pictures are beautiful. And I understand about the power, in St. Croix, the power often goes out. It seems as the more fragile the environment at a specific place, the more global warming is effecting it. But for the people who pollute the most, the ones in large cities, they don't see the effects of it and continue to consume beyond necessary.

Ah, well, hope you feel better soon.


Anonymous said...

je tente un second message, le dernier n'a pas marché.
Bref, je parlais de couleur, de mes pensées de lyonnaises, je suis, je suis... M---E!
Je regarde régulièrement ton blog, c'est un vrai bonheur. Merci et encore merci!
J'attendrais avec patience ton retour pour voir ton exposition photo et ton future livre-carnet de voyage "croquer le monde", si, si! Les photos sont magnifiques.
Prends soin de toi.

There is no Plan B said...

Lydie? Where are you now?

Lydie said...

Still in Ecuador... :) Were 2 weeks in a mountanous village populated by indian tribes. Completly isolated but wonderful.
And now I just arrived in Cuenca, a city south of Ecuador. Here there are internet cafes, so I'll be able to update my blog ;)

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