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Meditation in Machu Picchu

What to say about Machu Picchu.. Almost everybody knows it, like it and consider it as one of the most beautiful world wonder.
Well, my feeling is a bit different...

I hated to pay a local month salary to reach there, couldn't understand how one can build an expensive restaurant at the entrance of such a site, felt more than reluctant waking up at 3am to reach the top at 6am and run before all the tourists in order to be first to sign on a list, all that to be authorized to climb the mountain overlooking the site...And so on, and so on...
This place can be beautiful, the pure mercantile usage Peru is making of it, wastes it all to me.
Not saying that UNESCO is considering that more than 500 visitors per day would cause irremediable damages to this Inca sanctuary, but every day around 2500 persons enter the premise according to the government and up to 5000 persons according to the ticket seller...
The government fills up his pocket, why restricting the access?
And what about the indigenous communities, natural heirs of this incredible construction? Do they benefit from it? Not a penny.

Should we close our eyes and participate to this waste because it flatters our ego to show a picture of ourselves in front of Machu Picchu to family and friends?....

I hesitated a lot before going there and finally I told myself I should see it and make my own opinion. I saw it, my opinion is done...I should not have gone.

Anyway besides all these aspects, the site is beautiful and I decided to avoid the tourist crowd doing a bit of meditation in an isolated corner to enjoy the energy of this sanctuary. And of course I did a photo of me like every "respectable" tourist in front of THE famous Machu Picchu...
See below. ;-)


Oxymoron. said...

I'm sorry that you see the injustice in Machu Picchu, but perhaps you are too aware of what is going on around you... :-P

However, it is good that you could sit and 'try' to avoid the crowd/irritation of people.


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