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Peace in Salento

After the craziness of Cali, I needed a bit of rest and peace. Then I went to the coffee region, in a small town called Salento, to relax and get some fresh air.
It is one of the biggest coffee producing region, and one of the only place in Colombia where you can drink "acceptable" coffee. Most of colombian production being exported to the US or European markets...
Also at 20min by jeep, we accessed an amazing valley where giant palm trees (200 years old and 30m high for the tallest...) are sourrounded by beautiful mountains. We hiked a whole day from the green fields to the jungle tracks and discovered a recluded place where hundreds of humming birds (colibris) would come to eat and drink!
What an incredible experience!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Lydie!

Alors, déjà fini les vacances?? !!! Tu vas bosser!
Je pensais bien qu'au fil des rencontres, la Chine s'éloignerait! Les pays d'amérique du Sud (et leurs habitants) doivent te correspondre : fiesta, danse, couleurs, etc
Yoga et salsa, c'est un peu différent, mais ça se complète bien!
Profites-en bien,

There is no Plan B said...

Aren't humming birds lovely? They are indigenous to the "new world" only..... I kept looking for them when I was in SE Asia and then read later that they are only found in the Americas......

I know it is spring with the humming birds come back to my yard.

Lovely pics..... Suz

jonathan ! said...

I want your lens! so versatile !

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