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Feliz Año nuevo 2010 !!

I wish you a lot of discoveries and learnings for this new year!

The new years eve celebration was really awesome here. We end up in the streets of Cali at 10:30pm dancing salsa with the families of the neighbourhood and drinking aguardiente (the local strongest alcohol...and worst tasting also...).
Here a strange tradition consist of burning the "Año viejo" (old year), it is represented by a kind of scarecrow  in the image of famous people and full of explosives. The one of our neighboorhood was supposed to represent Pablo Escobar, a Colombian drug lord and one of the world richest man in the world in the nineties. So at 1am, a concert of simultaneous and loud firecrackers sounded everywhere in the city. Pablo was set on fire in the middle of the road and was exploding every minute. Bye bye año viejo!
A few groups of people were also walking around the block with an empty suitcase. They were wishing for a lot of travels in the coming new year...
We finished the night dancing..salsa of course...until dawn.


Anonymous said...

Happy new year everybody!

Bonne année Lydie!
Et oui, elle sera bonne, étant donné le beau carnet de voyage bien entamé que voilà!
Prends soin de toi et profites de toutes ces découvertes en 2010!
t'embrasse bien fort,

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Miss...
It's fantastic to discover day after day you trip... Just a quick look every day, hopping to travel for a few seconds through your book...
Take care, and... "bon vent!"

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