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Colours of Trujillo

Trujillo is a small city situated north of Peru, it is out of the "Gringo trail" and we can feel it, much more authentic than Cusco for example.
A lot of cultural attractions bring mostly peruvian tourists here.

I liked the colonial atmosphere of the city center, yellow and blue, the beautiful archeological sites of the Moche and the Chan Chan, the fishing village of Huanchaco with its reed boats. The Gringos don't know what they miss!

Below you can see a collage of walls sculptures from the Huaca del Sol y de la Luna.
It is located at 8 kilometers from Trujillo. The pyramid of the sun (Huaca del Sol) is approximately 20 meters high. According to the tradition it was built in only 3 days by 250.000 men and 70 million adobes. The Pyramid of the Moon (huaca de la Luna) is made of incredibly decorated temples which are superposed according to the different periods of the Mochicas. Archeologists have found a tomb with more than 40 sacrificed warriors.

These 2 sites have been discovered very recently (1991) and new discoveries are made constantly. Not mentioning that archeologists still don't know how to access to the superposed temples of the Pyramid of the Moon without damaging the top ones. This superposition has permitted the conservation of colorful wall decorations from the previous temples.


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