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Indiana Jones in Leticia

My last stop in Colombia was in Leticia, a small town lost in the middle of the jungle. It can only be accessed by plane or by the river Amazon from Brazil.
I'm here to experience the jungle and engage for a 5days jungle tour with a french guy, Gael. We will suffer for 5 days and we pay quite a lot for it...:)
I take one set of cloth for the day and one for the night, a toothbrush and oof we go for the adventure.

Beautiful sky of Leticia

Day 1: A small motorized canoe bring us to the indigenous village of La Libertad where our journey in the forest start. Program of the day: 4hours walk in day light, 2h at dark to see the tarentullas and the night in a lodge. We don't start too hard...

Day 2: Early morning we are off to deep jungle, we walk 20km lead by our guide who makes the path with his machete. The camp is set at dark with wood and leaves from the forest, a mosquito net and a hammock. I hardly sleep one hour in the entire night, hearing the thousands of mosquitoes being attracted by fresh blood and trying to find their way thru the net...

Day 3: Deeper in the jungle, we go fishing for lunch and come back to the camp where the mosquitoes are still waiting for us and have called all their friends. They are hundred of thousand now... Gael counts his mosquito bites, it has reach 300 on the legs only..

Day 4: We leave the damp jungle to the wet one. Trees have their feet in water on this side of the Amazon. The program: fishing for piranhas, and boat ride thru amazing natural beauty (huge water lilis, big lezards, monkeys, amazing trees)

Day 5: We wake up at 4am to go and see pink dolphins who gather to eat at sunrise. These dolphins don't like contact with humans so we can spot them only when to come out to breath a few meters away from the canoe. We spend the night in a peruvian indigenous village and go hunting for caimans at night.


There is no Plan B said...

Ly-Ly, WOW!!!! This is marvelous. I wish I was there. I completed my first year and only a bit more than 2 years to go!!!! The photos are fantastic. You are such an inspiration for me. Wonderful. I cannot wait to travel with you again....... school is zippy by so quickly. Soon I will again have money to travel.

Cécile said...

Hello Lydie,
What a marvellous, exciting and also scary experience! How do you feel with so many dangerous animals around you? Your photos are wonderful. See you soon in Peru! Bizzz, Cécile.

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