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Animal in a zoo in Lima

Many people told me Lima is a dirty city, not worth the visit, and so on. Well, I think that Lima is a city that is not afraid of its poverty.
Ok, the traffic is horrible, ok, the sky is rarely blue in winter, ok, the streets are a bit dirty. But... I could feel this city has a soul, a character and I liked it. The center of Lima with its colonial buildings and pastel colors has nothing to envy to other Latin America capitals.

The most bothering here are men... I could not explain why but they are very interested by white girls. Walking in the streets was a bit like going to a zoo where you are the curious animal. Constantly getting phone numbers, proposals, strange looks, invitations, I got a bit tired and felt uncomfortable after a while.

The funniest one was when I tried to get a taxi at the bus terminal to reach my hostel. I asked 2, 3, 4, 5 taxis to bring me there but none of them would agree because of the heavy traffic on this friday evening. The 6th one told me yes and ask me 20 Soles, I knew it should not be more than 6-7 Soles so I told him: "Noooo, I give you 7 Soles!"...And then he answered with a tender look: "Ok, 7 Soles and a cuddle!"... "What?!" I could not believe it.... "No? Then a big kiss!?"...
Incredible these Limenos!


Oxymoron. said...

Awkward for the men. Really, that is icky....


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