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Paradise in Isla del Sol

Going to Peru and Bolivia without visiting Titicaca lake would be a mistake. I decided to stay a few days in one of the most beautiful of its islands on the bolivian side: Isla del Sol.

Isla del Sol (Sun island) is the site of the main Inca creation myth – the legend says it's where Viracocha (the creator god) had his children (the first Inca) Manco Kapac and Mama Ocllo spring from the lake and found Cusco and the Inca dynasty. This legend is still very present in the minds today, I've heard this story dozen of times...

We decided to stay at the North of the island which seemed being preserved from the tourism over exploitation and the modern time, quite isolated and populated with simple farmers, you feel like you're going back in time when arriving in this tiny village.
The hostel room had an amazing view on the lake Titicaca and was the cheapest I ever had: 1.5Eur per night... The kitchen was very simple: a fire place shared with the owners and the bathroom a bucket of water suspended over a tent made of plastic bags.

We walked through incredible landscapes and small rocky beaches, relaxed, and enjoyed the magical of Titicaca at sunset.


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