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Body speaking in Cali

After Bogota I went to Cali, as planned, to help my friend in setting up a new hostel and taking yoga classes. Good program in theory. And we started to put the web site and all in place.

But my body decided otherwise, as soon as I stepped in my new "settling" place my eczema started again. Rashes got worst and worst. And I end up loosing my sleep and my good mood...
At first I thought it was an allergy to something here, water, a flower or whatever. I went to see the doctor, took many medicines, homeopathy, nothing helped. Then completly tired and almost depressed, I decided two days ago to leave this place. And since then my eczema is better...
My body has decided that it's not time for me to stop moving and he won... :)

So I'm on the road again...


scarlett Fischer said...

Ouff! et bien apres un long moment sans nouvelle, je commencais a m'inquieter et guettais les nouvelles sur le site.......
Bien contente que tout aille bien finalement...
De gros bisous des americains bedonnants!!!

There is no Plan B said...

I am glad you listened to your body. Good girl. health first.

Anonymous said...

Salut Lydie,

Keep up the posts. I like reading them and seeing what adventures you're having.

Might catch you on facebook again some day!



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