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Heights of Cusco

My arrival in Cusco was quite difficult.

First my flight from Rio was more than complicated. I had booked the cheapest flight possible, cheapest but not shortest.. My itinerary was the following: Rio-Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires-Asuncion, Asuncion-La Paz, and LaPaz - Cusco by bus... Really the easiest way to go to Peru...
When I arrived at the airport, a nice hostesse who didn't speak any english told me I have a flight to Asuncion.. What? No. To La Paz! Ah, no madam she answer politely, your flight Asuncion - La Paz was yesterday. I looked at her with big eyes and ask her if she believed what she was saying. And we discussed about the matter during more than 20min for finally ending with the conclusion that there WAS a problem with my reservation.
From this fact she told me she couldn't do anything for me and I should go to the reservation office. Ok. Once there, I had to explain again and convince the new girl it was not my fault, the reservation I had made online was not to Asuncion. After 20 more minutes she finally got convinced and started helping me. She was looking and looking at her computer without saying anything. Nobody was around, the airport was quiet and me too. Suddenly I hear a big "Ooohhh"..."Goooooaaaaal" from behind the wall in her back. All the employees were behind, watching the match Brazil - Ivory Coast and some of them came out to announce the good news. Very good but please I have a flight to catch!!
She goes off her seat and I wait. She brings another guy to look at her computer, and I wait. She goes have a look at the match and I wait... After 45min, she tells me I will have to stay in Rio one more night. There was no more seats available for the day... I'm ok with it but if you pay for everything. She ask me to wait then, she will ask her boss. Well, that's what I'm doing since more than an hour now.. She comes back, it's ok, they will pay. Good thing! Now I still need to go to La Paz. Again she starts to look at her computer for a long time. I wait. She looks at me, and sorry, tells me there is nothing to La Paz on the next day. I answer that, to help them, I could also take a flight to Cusco... thinking I wish I could go to Cusco directly!... She looks again and say, yes, there is a flight. COOL! For once I got Lucky!

So I land in Cusco on a Monday afternoon after three flights, Rio-Sao Paolo, Sao Paolo-Lima, Lima-Cusco. Not so bad. I look for the hostal recommended by my cusquenian neighbor in the plane. I fits me and I go take some rest. That's where my body realize that it is 3600m higher than before. And it doesn't like it at all... Headache, nausea, fatigue, it makes sure I understand. The girl from the hostal recommends coca tea to relieve altitude sickness. I then drink liters of tea and munch coca leaves all day long. It doesn't help much but after 3 days my body finally accept to live so high... Welcome in Cusco!


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