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A rail in Medellin

First I was not planning to go to Medellin. When asking other travellers, they would tell me that it's beautiful, the city is so modern, clean and the metro is very new. Well, these arguments didn't seem very convincing for me after living in Singapore. But it was on my way to Cartagena de las Indias, so thaught I could stop by for one or two days.
I choose a beautiful hostel where the walls were decorated by local artists, mostly street art, creating a very unique atmosphere. Interestingly the hosts were very artistic too, a few graphic designers, many young grunges skeat boarders, an old dutch tai-chi teacher and healer, and a few other strange people. Also all the hosts were acting like a big family, having big reunion lunches on weekdays, barbecues on week ends. Most of them were staying the whole day in the hostel, smoking marijuana and watching TV.
Very interesting for me to discuss with them... I decided to stay a week there, discovering the city during the day and having long, and sometimes surreal, discussions with the hosts in the evenings. I didn't smoke but the smell in the room was so strong, I was surely getting a bit of it.
On saturday night, I went out with one of the graphic designer, dancing salsa. I was missing it... :)
We had great time but I was feeling a bit tired and decided to return to the hostel at around 1am. Was too early for the others and I took a taxi by myself. The taxi was in the line waiting in front of the club, his car was in a very bad shape, I guess it must have had several big crash accidents without repairing it. But it's quite common here.
We were driving for 10min when suddenly the taxi driver stops at the side of a dark street where a strange girl was standing. She seemed to be a prostitute. I start to be a bit scared and I shout at the driver to continue his way to the hostel. He replies calmly and smiling: "No worries, it's just for one minute". I ask myself if I should jump out and run. Well, there is nobody around and it's very dark. If I should scream and yell at him, well, he doesn't seem to care about what I could say... So I just keep calm, watch and see what will happen.
He hands money to the girl through his window and she hands him a small packet back. They seem to know each other quite well and chitchat a bit. It's crazy how he doesn't care about me at all!
He opens meticulously the small packet, there is some white powder inside. I'm afraid to understand what it is. With the same care, he spreads this powder on the dashboard, take a straw from his pocket.
Oh! No!! He is doing it!! I'm stunned! He even turns towards me, see my face, smile, and ask me if I want some... No thanks. He snorts his rail of cocaine in front of me, like that, very calmly.
Once he's done, off we go, 15 min later we reach the hostel.

When I told this story to my local friends, everybody said they had never heard of such a bad behaviour of a taxi driver.
That should be my luck!...


Cécile said...

Very strange story...
Good luck!!!
Biz, Cécile.

Anonymous said...

Yes Lydie !!!
That's really you ! It can only happen to you...
As you said, that's your luck, you didn't have any accident with this wonderful driver !
Keep following your star...

There is no Plan B said...

Well..... I felt the same way when I was in Paris with everyone around me having public sex and asking the locals: "Is this normal?".... they say, oh no I never heard of such a thing.

Paris is for lovers. Columbia is where the best cocaine is.

Anonymous said...

It's a crazy story !!!
How to keep calm in such situations ?
I like to follow your trip on this blog ;-))

Anonymous said...

Amazing story!!!! We love you and your life style! keep walking :-)
les ciccis

Anonymous said...

looks like fantastic place, cali! love salsa and as someone else noted, enough men to go around! ;) hummingbird experience is wonderful! could do without that taxi experience though. haha. and i thought cab drivers were bad here. ;)
so u gonna stay on there a while?
happy happy new year!
- angela.

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