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Enjoy the show in Buenos Aires

I'm now in Buenos Aires to take intensive tango classes and dance salsa like crazy. It's the perfect place for me!
Tango has been created here and it is until now really part of the culture, we can admire dancers in the streets or in many of the city theaters or ballrooms. For me tango is one of the most elegant dance, the most difficult to learn too... And dancing in a milonga (name of the tango ballroom) is extremely complicated and codified. For example the dancer cannot talk to invite a lady to dance but he "nods" to her and the lady has to understand and "nod" back. Very funny...
Here the cultural activities and shows are everywhere, in every square, in the streets, in theaters, and I'm not the only one to enjoy it, as you can see below... :)


Jane-UK said...

who´s was the best lover for you around the world?

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