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Salsa Christmas


I spent christmas in Cali, Colombia, the world capital of salsa (according to Colombians...)
Dancing, here, is a religion, and the "Feria" is to Cali what is Carnival to Rio de Janeiro. It's 5 days of crazyness, party, dancing, salsa music and heat. It started on Christmas day and will finish with the year 2009.
I never danced so much, until my body cannot move amymore...
A parade of the best salsa schools launched the festival, from 4 to 75 years old, hundreds of salsareos paraded in the streets, showing their best and fastest moves.
Here are some video examples of the local salsa:

From Colombie

From Colombie

From Colombie


Em said...

we have a similar thing in st. croix, expect replace salsa with caribbean grinding. :-)

merry christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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