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Food experience in Cusco

What to say about the food in Peru... Different, sometimes tasty, sometimes monotoneous but mostly surprising... Chicha, Cuy, chicken/rice and potatoes, “Rock potatoes”...

Chicha is a traditional drink coming from the Amazon, it is corn which has been masticated, by a woman most frequently, spitted and let macerating for a few days to become alcoolic. It tastes horrible to me...not thinking it has seen another mouth before you...yeark...

Cuy, pronounce Cuye or “Couille” for french speakers, it is guinea pig, a delicacy here. One can buy it whole, roasted and stretched at the market or in the street, ready to eat.

Chicken/rice and potatoes, the typical lunch and dinner, although we can find hundreds of varieties of vegetables in the market, not mentioning the dozen corn varieties and colors, they don’t seem to be used much for cooking. I don’t know what they are doing with it actually. But what is sure is that people never seem to get tired of this favourite dish.

“Rock potatoes” as I would call it, are potatoes that look and weight as rocks. They can be kept for 5 years without getting spoilt. But when it comes to cooking them... not as easy. We tried to eat it, out of curiosity. The guy at the market said to cook it 1h30 in water and then to fry them. Good. We cooked them, 1h, 2h, still hard, 3h, 4 hours still not cooked... Then a woman told us it actually needs to be cooked OVERNIGHT. A disaster...


Anonymous said...

Sure you did not buy an actual stone?
OMG? Chicken feet like in Singapore, must be so nice for you to find your favourite dish there

Lydie said...

I'm sure we didn't buy stones because we managed to eat pieces of cooked ones!! And it tastes good actually! :)

Definitely I was missing the chicken feet so much!...

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