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My stay in Cali was really a blast. For the first time, I visit a place where I think I could live! I like everything there, the people, the city, the salsa, the weather, the relaxed way of life...
I told that to the hostel owner with whom I'm now friend. And he proposed me a job!...
He proposed me to work with him for opening a new hostel where he wants to organise yoga retreats (he's a certified yoga teacher and that's his main job actually). I would help him develop the business, welcome the tourists, decorate the place, etc. And in return he'd provide me with food, accomodation, free yoga training to become yoga teacher (if I want), and a percentage on the hostel income. In the same time, I would be able to take salsa training as I would work only half day with him.
I'm thinking about it but most probably I'll accept this new experience that life is offering me.

I should start somewhere in February...


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