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Lack of air in Huaraz

In Huaraz I did the most beautiful hike of my life.

It was a hike to "Laguna 69", departing from an altitude of 4000m, we walked until 4500m. It seems not much but at this altitude, the lack of air made every step a big effort for me.
After 4 hours of bus and car on bad tracks, full of holes, we walked 3 hours ascending and a bit more than 2 hours descending. It seemed more than 10h to me...
Anyway it was worth the pain! See for yourself the pics.

On the way to the lagoon we met a group of french people who told us that 2 spanish boys had been taken by an avalanche the night before, just on the side of the lagoon. They went alone and were reported missing the next morning. The peruvian authorities didn't even bother going to have a look, pretending that they were dead anyway...
It seems very inhuman to me. One never know if by chance they survived or were protected by a hole or any other miracle? Am I very naive? How would it be in France? At least we would look for the bodies, isn't it?
It then was an horrible feeling to look at the mountain in front of us thinking 2 bodies were here, eaten by this big white mouth..


Oxymoron. said...

Wow. I LOVE the pictures. So dramatic and beautiful.


Jonathan said...

These are EPIC pictures simply, amazing. perfect exposure and composition !!, felicitation.

I wish I can see you again !

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