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Escaped from Belem

I arrived in Belem on a beautiful sunday morning. And tried to leave as soon as I could...

The city was completely empty and everything was closed on this mother's day sunday.
First, I checked in one of the two hostels of the city and it ends up to be the worst hostel I've ever been. It was run by a family, and in this family, everybody was crazy. I mean it: the mother seemed to have pain in her hips and was wandering in the corridors screaming her pain out and shouting at whoever was in her way. The son, a retiree from the army, was OCD, looking at himself in the mirror 6 hours a day and the remaining time, following the guests to clean after them. The daughter, the most sane, had money problems and was telling all about her life for hours to whoever would be nice enough to listen... These people would have been better in a hospital than in an hostel!..
And I'm not talking about the rooms with molded mattresses and walls.

Then I went out, walked in the very dirty streets. They were full of trash as people put their home trash as it is, on the road, for it to be picked up in the morning, they don't like trashbins it seems... I tried to get something to eat and walked for 2 hours to find a shop open. Finally, with a few groceries, I was coming back to the hostel when a strange guy followed me and was asking me what was in my bag. Fortunatly for me, I ran faster than him...

I've never been so ready to leave a city, I left on the next day with a night bus to São Luis.


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