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Wednesday, 7th October
The silence increase the purity of the moment. The train to Roissy leaves at 5pm. The crowd appears: releaved some arrive and meet; some still have enough strength to leave; some others, the ones nobody is waiting for, are contemplating the scene.
On the train platform desires are dashing forward.
Sun offerings illuminate this autumn day, beautiful gift for such a great departure. Here start a new world, a new life. Impossible to look back at the past days. Better leave everything before everything leaves you.
I could not justify this destination more than the reasons why I'm going.
So strong throbs the wandering dream that nothing could stop it...
In my parents eyes worry is the master, but no hint of reproach in their voices.
It's 5pm, here start my new life.


There is no Plan B said...


you are incredible that you can write poetry in English - geez. I wish I had such command of another language. French I would love to write poetry in French or Spanish......

I can't wait to hear about your adventures in SA.

You have very good parents. I love them both dearly.

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