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When I say Ecuadorians are hot... Well, it doesn't cool down with age apparently.
The owner of my hostal is 74 years old. The other day, he tried to convince me that sex is a basic need in ones life. And as I don't have a boyfriend, he could help me and spend the night with me...
Worse, when, to be polite, I replied that I don't need it and anyway I don't have sex with a man I don't love, he simply answered that we can get married and it would come...


Anonymous said...

Hello Lydie!

What a funny... or strange story!
Does this mean that Ecuadorians are taking leave of their senses when they meet a nice blue-eyes French girl ;-))

Good luck with your hostal owner! :-P

Em said...

Haha. wow. I bet that must've been awkward.


Anonymous said...

Bon pied bon oeil les ecuadoriens :-))))

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