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 In the streets of Quito, and in most of Ecuador cities, hundreds of children are left to themselves. Since I arrived in Ecuador I've been shocked by the number of shoe shiners wandering in the street or waiting for the customer at their wooden stand.
Some are as young as 4 or 5 years. Fleeing miserable campaigns in this region mostly Quechua, they descend from the mountains to try to win a few dollars to support their families. They shine shoes, all day, sleep in the streets for the most part, even when they fail to make money in the village, they assume their own subsistence. Evil, but it's one less mouth to feed for theirs.
Sometimes they go and sit on school benches, at least part of the year. Most often, they remain in contact with their families and regularly return to their villages.

It's really sad to see them with their dirty cloths and their hands stained by the shoe polish. I once saw one of these kids watching a toy seller in the street. His eyes were full of envy and despair... Heart breaking.
But it's always the same dilemma: help them and keep them in the street or not help them and keep them in misery...


Anonymous said...

this is so sad :((((( what can be done?

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