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Inty Raimy in Cusco

When I landed in Cusco everybody was telling me: "Ahah, you're coming for Inty Raimy!", "Well, yes, for sure!" and I was thinking "What is Inty Raimy?".

I was mostly coming to join Cecile, my friend from Grenoble who came for one month holidays in Peru. She told me a bit about this festival but it was pure coincidence that we were here at the right time. It was kind of great because this is the biggest celebration of the year in Cusco, and it's really beautiful.

The ceremony honors the God Sun. The Inca and all his followers march through the city to a temple situated at the top of Cusco and offer Chicha to their god and their visitors. Many symbols of the Inca culture are presents, the costumes, the acting are as real. But it seems to be ceremony introduced only in the early 20th century.


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